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Kat’s Conscientia is a freelance writing business that provides consultation, research, writing, and editing for a variety of language based needs. Conscientia is a Latin word meaning “knowledge” and as a freelance writer, my job is to share knowledge with my clients, presented in a variety of ways.

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Latest News From the Blog

Happy National Running Day!!!

Whew, what a day!  It’s National Running Day, which means runners from all walks of  life are celebrating by getting a few decent miles in.  I woke up late, so I am unsure whether I will get to run this

Florida’s Summers

I’ve lived in the North my entire life.  I mean my entire life.  I am still getting used to Florida and it’s tropical climate, but one thing I’m rapidly realizing is my seasons will be flipped from now on.  Back

“Step in Time”

I went for my second run of the season today. After adding “Step in Time” to my playlist from “Mary Poppins”, I knocked two minutes off my 2.5 mile run. Thank you, Dick Van Dyke! Some of that is muscle