How I fell for Autumn!

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Autumn is simply one of the best times to be a Hippie Earth Mama! Whether you live in a tropical climate, or watch the leaves change into their traditionally rich fall palate, autumn provides a new set of fresh fruits, spices, and other flavors in our kitchen. It allows us to interact with our children on a sensory level, from playing in the leaves to crafts made indoors. Halloween inspires creativity and imagination as children pick out the costume they can’t wait to wear. There are festivals, pumpkin patches, and some truly amazing decorations. We do our bi-annual cleaning, while rearranging our favorite knick-knacks to make room for our holiday displays. Autumn encompasses much of what the Hippie Earth Mama celebrates.

This month, I will be posting activities, recipes, and home tips and tricks specific to the season. Not all things will be for everyone, but an idea can spark another idea that does work for your family. I hope that these coming articles will not only help you celebrate your inner Hippie Earth Mama, but also excite you for the season we are in the middle of!

To start, I thought I would write about making your own costumes for your family. I remembered my mom, who had 4 children, never needed to purchase one. Well, until we started wanting to buy our own, but even then, I only remember one or two costumes that came from the store. This led me to realize that the first tip is to collect all of your “costume” pieces in one place. If you have children, you may already have a bin like this started. Our living room has a bamboo basket that is solely for “costumes.” I use quotation marks, because there are definitely some store bought items in there – including last year’s Spiderman costume from Party City (yes, guilty!), but there are also lots of odds and ends. Headbands I no longer wear make power rings or space glasses. Shrunken shirts, old belts, cut up outfits all fill the bin. Then we add a healthy dose of party hats, prop swords, and Viking shields, and we have a veritable array of choices. Broken helmets will no longer work outdoors with the bikes, but my son has recycled his by adding a pair of my old boxing gloves, creating an invincible super hero. His pirate sword and sheath comes from a set, but my husband’s old tie creates his friend’s sheath as it hadn’t occurred to us to buy for multiple children when we only have one. All of these costumes help us do multiple things.

Firstly, never underestimate the power of dress up on a rainy day. Even little boys enjoy recreating a plethora of story characters, heroes, and villains. If you keep this box (and it can be as large or small as you desire – a spare dresser drawer, an actual basket, a section of the toy bin) year round, it will be just one more activity your child(ren) has to play with and can use to create. It also allows us to see what interests are peaking in our children. I had no idea my son was as into “The Flash” or “Dash” as he is until an old red shirt and some running shoes created a permanent new costume in the rotation. This allows me to better know what movies, characters, and books I should invest my money in; rather than guessing based on what seems popular or he likes in the moment. It also allows for us to have a Halloween base unit. When our children determine what characters they want to bring to life, you may find many of the character’s “accessories” are already in your bin. This saves money and time in the long run. From there, you can determine if you wish to create a costume from scratch or buy certain parts. Every Halloween, another costume is added to the bin, and more imagination is sparked on those rainy days. It is the ultimate “force myself to organize” activity that reaps benefits year long, creating a cycle of imagination between parent and child.

Once this bin is established, I recommend buying any parts of the Halloween costume a size up. Why buy a size up when my child fits a certain size? Because, if you are from the colder areas mentioned above, you will want to have room to fit sweats, jackets, and thermals underneath. The secondary benefit? Once it goes back in the costume bin (and I recommend saving this year’s costume aside until Halloween parties and Trick or Treating to create a special excitement for that particular costume rather than immediately introducing it into the bin), you will get an extra year or two out of the costume parts that you have had to purchase. When our children are growing as rapidly as they are, it is a definite bonus to have something they will grow into as they play!

I hope you look forward to more costume making tips and other autumn articles as you and your child spend some quality time creating this bin (and bonus points for recycling and decluttering your closet to find the items!)


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The Tenth Doctor Technically Died Twice

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Stephen Moffat has created a bit of chaos in the Whoverse with his recent statements via the Radio Times.–theres-something-youve-missed

There are three primary arguments regarding this: River passed extra regenerations to the Doctor in “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the Second Doctor did not actually regenerate, or that the Tenth Doctor died twice.

Let’s start with the River answer. It seems clear that there are loose ends to be tied up that were laid back in S6, however, providing the Doctor extra regenerations seems unlikely. Amy specifically says, “you used all your remaining regenerations in one go” which implies they were USED or consumed to counter the poison of the Judas Tree. Further, we do not know how many regenerations River even had left until that point. We know she was an orphan in Florida, and Mels mentions regenerating into a “toddler in New York.” It is never made clear whether this toddler then moved to the U.K. almost immediately some how and grew up as Mels or if there was another regeneration that took place. We also know that Mels regenerates into River Song, and that River Song is the last incarnation of this character. If Moffat were referring to this theory, I highly doubt he would have encouraged us to double count the Doctor’s regenerations rather than focus on something regarding River. River uses regeneration

Third DoctorThe next theory is fairly sound. When the Second Doctor was exiled, the Time Lords changed his appearance into the Third Doctor. This may have been only a physical change, rather than a full regeneration. Or it is possible that the Time Lords possessed shape shifting technology, but did not often use it; save for extreme cases such as The Doctor, and thus no regeneration was used. If we were to believe this theory however, then all numbered incarnations have been wrong since. This would provide an extra regeneration, and may be what Moffat was referring to, but he did not participate in the writing at that time and seems keen to keep each writer’s ideas with their relative Doctors.

Finally, the Tenth Doctor dies twice. He is killed by a Dalek. dalek death regen As he begins to regenerate he siphons the extra energy into his hand (which later causes the Doctor Donna and 10 metacrisis). He seems to stop just short of the alteration of his physical appearance, but has already begun going through the cycle. There have been several comments made about Time Lords being able to change their appearances, so there is no reason he could not retain his despite having gone through a regeneration. (River’s comment, “shut up, Dad, I’m focusing on a dress size” or the Master’s “if the Doctor can be young again, so can I”) He later has to step into the radiation booth when Wilf knocks four times and under goes another regeneration. 10 regeneration These are both full regenerations. While there is some debate about whether the first regeneration ever actually finished or was suspended and then re-set off by Wilf; the meta crisis Doctor, may be in a parallel world,but will age and die at the same rate as Rose, meaning even if the siphoned regeneration energy did not count as a “life” at that point, the meta crisis Doctor will die, and thus that regeneration energy will have been used and eventually count. meta crisis doctor

Could Moffat have been referring to something else entirely? Oh yes, this is the Whoverse we’re talking about. Could he have been thinking specifically of one of the above theories? Absolutely. Will we get to find out? THAT my fellow Whooligans, is what we will have to patiently wait for. Is the trailer out yet??

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2010 Hippie Earth Mama Blog

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When James was younger, I began the start of my Hippie Earth Mama blog. Here is the link to the articles!

Painting/Dress up shirt

Painting/Dress up shirt

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Intro to Hippie Earth Mama

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Hippie Earth Mama
I’ve always leaned on the hippie, earthy side of things, but since becoming a mother, it seems these things are more important than ever. This blog is about my journey to be more eco friendly, expose my family to less toxins, and lead a lifestyle and parenting style that is inline with keeping things natural.

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I Quit! 10 Tips for Every Freelancer

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That’s it! I’m working for myself now!

Tips for every entrepreneur

1. Use contacts, favors, and your friends and family as test subjects

- practice requests, beta your work, and compensate. You will diagnose kinks in your system prior to learning about them from angry clients
2. Do your research: know fair market value for your goods and services. It may take you 10 hours to knit one top, but market value is $5, yielding a mere 50 cents per hour without supply costs factored in. This info will help you create your pricing guidelines, and will also let you determine your earnings for your time. If you are new to freelancing , assume you will take an extra two hours more than average as you do not have all systems in place. For services, look into guarantees and average turn around times.
3. Know your purpose – is this a career change? Something you’re already doing but want to reach more people? Something you’ve realized you can do in your spare time for extra income? A passion you’ve held since childhood? The answer may not fit neatly into one category, but you will probably find your own unique reasons for self emoyment. Knowing them helps when things feel rough or you haven’t had as many clients as hoped, and also let’s you know whether you can afford to be picky or if you need to build a solid client and reference base first.
4. Have advertising plans! Many freelancers, as word of mouth grows, will find advertising helps full in the dead times. Have business cards, participate in associations and forums that are in your fields, go to conferences and festivals, always continue education
5. Know start up costs and base price for each unit. Website domain and development, editing and promotional writings, association fees/requirements, insurance, shipping, travel, etc.
6. Know your guarantees and limits and state them up front. For example, as a freelance writer, I Guarentee my work to be free of spelling and grammatical errors. I let my clients know before hand that this Guarentee is there, as well as describe how I will fulfill it. Limits-posh- no holds example
7. Understand back end sales. In my last home town the 2 quaint boutiques I frequented most often were the conglomerates Express and WHBM. Why? Bc I received personalized and HONEST service. Yes, more often than not, the outfits looked pretty great in the store, but the few times I nearly spent $50 on something that wasn’t right for me, it was those employees who used honesty to prevent me from making an unwise choice. At WHBM, my ladies would grab a few accessories and see if we could use some style tricks to give me the most range on items I was already purchasing. At express, if something didn’t fit right, a similar item in my size would be immediately brought to me (and in the same price range to my delight!), as another person explained why that outfit didn’t quite work in their opinion. As we discussed, we built trust, and I found I was willing to pay a bit more for such a full range of honest service. Sharing your gift will not prevent sales, it will excite and empower your customers, leading to 5 star ratings
8. Schedule your time
- don’t forget to leave time for Ty’s, building your portfolio, searching for clients, promoting, and restocking
9. Acknowledge your mistakes- you will make them! Be humble, honest, sincere, and offer a fair and reasonable course of action to your client
10. Your project isn’t done, and your item is not sold just bc you have been paid. Do not forget that this person chose YOU and to support YOUR business when the freelance field has many options available. Make certain to acknowledge that and thank your client for utilizing your business. This allows a chance to show your appreciation, get feedback, and remind the client you do other things and love references!

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New v Classic

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I must disclose that while I am an avid fan of “The Classic Years” I am a New Who girl. The very first episode I caught glance of was Matt Smith at the end of “Hungry Earth.” I proceeded to pester my husband with questions he couldn’t answer because he had only seen 3 or 4 episodes prior to my entrance.

We agreed to start watching on Netflix and binge watched “Rose” all the way to “The Wedding of River Song.” It was only after we saw the entirety of the relaunch that we discovered that there was access to some of the Classic Years, in both television and book formats.

This December my family will lose our first Doctor in real time so to speak. Smith is the first Doctor we have had to wait for story lines to unfold. Despite going back and watching Chris “first”, Matt remains our Doctor. In a wibbly wobbly timey wimey way he is our first Doctor.

I have read so many wonderful debates over the New v Classic years. I think it’s less a question of what group of episodes is better than it is simply which genre do you know best? Whovians unite across all space and time, and this split is a fabulous way to look at generations of fans loving and staying loyal to their first Doctor.

It leads me to ask: do you prefer Classic or New? Which did you experience first? Has this colored your viewpoint of the other? For me, it enhances my experiences.

I will be blogging about both Classic and New Who topics, but welcome suggestions, conspiracy theories, and Easter eggs to articles where I may have missed something. Also, I genuinely love the Whovian sub culture. I encourage all comments and questions or experience sharing is never rhetorical.

On that note, where do you fall in all this? Who was your first Doctor?

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Dear Congress

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Annnnnd…. the blogging has officially begun! Each blog will be updated at least once a week. I have categorized the blogs to make my main page easier to navigate so be be sure to look to your favorite categories for frequent updates!

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