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Blue Diva? Yes indeed! First training run of the season out of the way.

My pirformace muscle and IT band were acting up, but I managed to get 30 minutes of running in, without any walk breaks (save my 5 minute cool down walk afterwards). I am fairly certain the same police officer was driving up and down the road I was running on, because I either saw him 5 separate times, or I saw five separate police cars. The weird thing is that I never left Coral Springs, yet this was a Tamarac officer. I thought it was strange, but perhaps the laws are written differently here than in Illinois. In Illinois, an officer only has jurisdiction within their own towns. Quite frequently one can see the cars making u-turns at the city limits. Here, they apparently share cruisers. I really don’t know, but it entertained me while running at any rate.

When I arrived home, I looked up how far I went on my test 30 minute run. 1.4 miles. That was it! 1.4 miles. I started to do the math in my head, figuring it had to even out to about an 18-22 minute mile, and trying to figure out how I possibly could have gone so slowly. Philip asked me how far I went and I gave the cross streets. He reminded me, that since I had gone there and back, I had actually knocked out 2.8 miles, WHEW!


Now that the blood has returned to my brain, I’m feeling great. 2.5 miles as a base isn’t a bad start. If I make sure I run 2 x mid week for 30 minutes, and then do my weekend runs, I should be set for all four upcoming races. I’m feeling pretty wonderful. I tried out my new skirt, it was fabulous! First of all, the pockets, oh the pockets! How I love the pockets – I brought my bulky keys by accident, and put them in one pocket. I put the timer and music on my phone and put that in the other pocket, and I ran. The items never moved, never came close to falling out, and remained secured in place. Blue and sparkles flicked in the wind and with my movement. It felt wonderful.

Blue Diva Sparkle Skirt

Blue Diva Sparkle Skirt

I’m almost certainly going to have to buy a few tee shirts that are plain but look good with the skirts so I feel that confident all the time. It helps that my son loves the skirt and thinks it’s “beautiful” but it is completely functional as well.

I have also realized I need to update my playlist to include more upbeat, running songs. The list I have now isn’t bad, but it could be much better. I think I’ll include a bunch of Disney tunes to pump myself up for my runDisney races. I showed James a few options for “costumes” for the races, and he said he liked Tinkerbell the best. I’m not wanting to wear wings, so I’m hoping we can sway him towards Princess Jasmine – she doesn’t have anything ornate, and her hair is already tied back and my color! He did agree to me being Minnie Mouse for one of the races. He is arguing that I am a “super hero first, then princess” so I should go as Mrs. Incredible. I can’t argue with that logic, but I think we’re still quite early in the planning phase, so hopefully we have time to change his mind.

I’m tired and my legs feel slightly rubbery, but the endorphins and stress relief are certainly worth it. I really feel that it will take my full attention and dedication, but I will be able to meet my goals, and I have come home with a renewed confidence. Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly to continue the momentum. The beauty of living in Southern Florida is that when you run at 6:00 in the morning, the full humidity hasn’t hit yet, but the sunrise is visible and beautiful. I obviously didn’t have time to snap pictures except for a few,

Sunrise 5 31 14

Sunrise 5 31 14

but it was phenomenal to see the melody of yellow, gold, pink, red, blue, silver, and clouds. The palm trees cast unique shadows as the canal system shimmered in the sunlight rising steadily.

Blue Diva turned out to be a fantastic purchase. I have the feeling she’ll be accompanying me on multiple runs in the near future! ToT 10 miler – I’m going to own you!

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    loved every word of your blog on your first run!! Love the concept of a running skirt too!! How incredible is that!! And of course I “loved” James’ input on everything!!

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