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Being slightly Disney crazy, and OCD on top of that, I decided that getting back into running would be a great idea. runDisney has expanded to include numerous races, and now that I live in Florida, it is actually feasible for me to run these races. Back in 2006, I had trained with Team in Training and completed the Chicago half and full marathons. Some of my fondest memories are from this training and racing period, and I was able to learn so much about myself, as well as raise money for such an important cause. That also means I know for a fact, if I train smartly, I can cross that finish line. I might not have the motive of running to stop Leukemia this time around, but I am motivated for my five year old son to see his mother completing athletic endeavors and crossing the finish line of a seemingly impossible race schedule. The OCD I mentioned means I didn’t just sign up for one race, but have already signed up for four, with the intention of signing up for at least two more, I proved once more that I cannot say no to the running bug.

Now I’ve signed up for the “Tower of Terror 10 Miler”, “Wine and Dine Half Marathon”, and the “Goofy Challenge” – two races, a half marathon and a full the following day during WDW’s main Marathon Weekend. I intend on signing up for several more, with the “Princess Half Marathon”, “Tinkerbell DL Half Marathon” being amongst the others I intend to sign up for. I am wrestling around with running the “Rebel Challenge” in DL, (see here for my dilemma) as well. I will complete the Coast to Coast challenge as well as physically challenge myself to maintain half marathon pace for a full year. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating.

Walt Disney World Castle Oct 2013

Walt Disney World Castle Oct 2013

Facebook recommends groups depending on the user’s history, and as a result, I’ve joined runDisney groups, race costume groups, and a “Sparkle Skirt Princess” group. I’ve already received my first Sparkle Skirt, and it is brilliant, full of pockets, and comfortable, while being girly at the same time. I can’t wait to take it out for a run.

The only issue is that I *have* to start training. I have the calendar’s downloaded and synced with my phone so I will know what miles I need to be running every weekend and how to train properly. I will be doing a mixture of the Galloway and my own way training methods. I know where my running bras, shirts, and shorts are. I have enough music on my phone to last for at least a 45 minute run. I am completely prepared. Except for the actually going out and training to safely build my mileage. My schedule starts this Monday, but I should already be running a few days per week. And the issue is that my first race is in October. My “Goofy Challenge” winding throughout Walt Disney World is in January 2015.

Have I gotten in over my head? Have I missed the opportunity to build a strong base and train smartly? Will I have the perseverance not simply to run every time I have one scheduled, but to be able to say no to the distractions and trust my husband will take care of things as I take care of myself and selfishly go out and train? This is the journey of me going from not having raced (long distance) in almost a decade. And this is how it starts. With fear, excitement, joy, and a plan. With the pre-training jitters, keeping me up early in the morning. My running journey is starting again. In a way, being a runner has never left me. But this is the start of running lifestyle once more. Here it goes….

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