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Whew, what a day!  It’s National Running Day, which means runners from all walks of  life are celebrating by getting a few decent miles in.  I woke up late, so I am unsure whether I will get to run this evening, or have to wait until tomorrow.  What is amazing is that a decade ago, barely anyone would have known it was Running Day, races were easy to get into, and hardly ever sold out in hours.  Now we have added literally thousands of runners to our ranks in a movement towards health and wellness.  It also means that races sell out within minutes.  Take for example the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at DisneyLand.  Pre-registration for Disney Annual Passholders and Vacation Club Members went on sale this afternoon.  While they do not put out all of the registrations on pre-registration day, those allotted for early registration sold out in under 15 minutes.  It takes me longer to shower than it did for the race to sell out!

This is great news for runners.  It means new races are introduced and new opportunities to join running clubs.  On the other hand, there are no more spur of the moment races.  PR’s are set by running vigorous racing programs rather than running multiple times a week for health while enjoying the scenery.  That’s not to say speedwork and training aren’t important, they are, but we lose something in our community when it becomes a fad; we also gain support and more attention from the community.  It’s up to us runners as to how we use this new influence.  We need to keep our focus strong and our mission clear.  Running is a healthy and effective way to stay fit and well – as long as you train smartly!

As for me, whether I get out for my run tonight or not is still debatable, but I am still celebrating.  I received my second Sparkle Skirt, Orbitz:

Orbitz Sparkle Skirt

Orbitz Sparkle Skirt


My son told me that I should never take it off (which was his reaction to my Diva Blue).  He promptly hid my pajama pants and requested I wear this skirt “forever because it is almost as beautiful as you my princess” in his words.  It made me smile, and feel really great that not only is my son a gentleman, but he is already so supportive!  I can’t wait to see him watch the races I’ll run.  He’s such a great kid, he’s almost to the age where we’ll be able to start to run together – he’s fast, so I need to build a better mileage base before I try!  :)

So this National Running Day, no matter how you opt to celebrate, be sure to participate.  Go for a jog or run.  Buy a new running accessory.  Write a note of support to a runner you know and love.  Sign up for a local race.  Whatever you do, just be sure to celebrate running for its roots – health and wellness rather than to follow a trend.  Happy National Running Day!

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