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Annnnnd…. the blogging has officially begun! Each blog will be updated at least once a week. I have categorized the blogs to make my main page easier to navigate so be be sure to look to your favorite categories for frequent updates!

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What is “the fun family?”

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My parents are technically the architects for the base of this family travel related blog. Growing up, 4 children and my 2 parents would go on vacations: from the Grand Canyon to Montreal or weekend get always to Vermont and Cape Cod. The 6 of us, occasionally with our pet dog or a family friend, would pile into our 1990s Dodge Caravan. I, the eldest, am separated from the youngest by six years. At one point during every vacation, the tension would mound and we siblings would be slapping each other, or not listening, and one parent would say to the other, “the fun family does…..” The other would laugh, and we’d stop befuddled at their sense of humor.

Over time, this phrase did more than stop misbehavior. It became a family saying; a fond way of lovingly calling each other out on acting ridiculous during family time. ‘The Fun Family’ was now a phrase uttered by us all, applying to the simplest of trips: the gas station, grocery store, a soccer game… Next stop anywhere. As long as we behaved.

Now I have a four year old and husband, and my fun family has grown. The Fun Family is on the move, what will you learn from us???

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